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Democratic National Convention in Denver

August 28, 2008

I just can't believe this kind of stuff is happening in the USA. In this video, a Code Pink Peace Activist is knocked down by a "Peace" Officer. Have a look and take action: write to the Denver Mayor, the Governor... use your imagination...


August 6, 2008

A video will say it much more powerfully than a couple of words. This is part of my awareness-raising project...

Thanks to Democracy Now!

For more info: www.chevrontoxico.com/

American-style demoncracy (sic)

July 31, 2008

American-style democracy! New York City Police Department Officer Patrick Pogan knocks bicyclist Christopher Long off his bike...

See the video below:


July 23, 2007

Charlie's P(L)ACE, as I orginally wrote it, is also supposed to be a place that will contribute to peace in the world. As I have learned over the past year, peace is very difficult even at a very local level. Nonetheless, I want to go on... I don't want to be discouraged by all of the strife that plagues us even in our daily life... Meanwhile in Irak, in Iran, in Darfour, a bit all over the world, people are really dying because of war. So I say "Make love, not war". It's an old and somewhat corny statement you may say, but I say "Who cares" if you find it that way. It rings true to me. Truer and truer every day, as every day there are more and more wars...

Here's an image that captures this anti-war feeling, from the Midwest where I grew up :

I found it on NPR this morning, when I turned on my computer. A couple from Kansas City Missouri planted one flag for every American soldier officially killed in the current war (I always remember the nearly 700,000 Irakis that have been killed and grieve for them and their country, which has been destroyed--go see the movie Jarhead if you haven't yet...). 

I sent it to my friends at APJ, thinking they might be interested too. I mean, what else is there to do in this war-mongering society in which we live? Try to keep fighting as much as you can for Peace and Justice

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